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Ian Harvey

Keynote Topics

Ian’s style is non-confrontational and he uses humour to establish the point.  Following are just a few of Ian’s presentations

Little Things Make a Big Difference

Duration :45 minutes

Your success (or failure) is more a function of habit than anything else. And habits are those little things we rarely, if ever, give any thought to. We tend to do things the way we have always done them. It’s comfortable that way. Why change? We are doing no worse than anyone else (no better either).

And yet a small change may be all that is required to dramaticly change your outcomes.

If that is the case:

  • Why isn’t everyone successful?
  • What needs to change?
  • How do you make the change?
  • How easy is it?

Actually it’s real easy to do but it’s also real easy not to do!

‘Little Things’ will provide

  • The absolute proof that you do control your outcomes
  • How to identfy the little things you can do differently
  • A motivational push to help you get started

This presentation is not about “changing your life!” but it is about making a difference.

‘Little Things’ is a great 45 minute conference opener or closer.

It opens the minds of your people to see the distinctions that will make a difference in their productivity and personal success. These distinctions could be from the material itself or from other presentations at the conference.

A lot of people go home from conferences without making any change. ‘Little Things’ changes all that. When exposed to ‘Little Things’ as a conference opener people will understand what will make the difference between the same old results and massive improvement and how little effort is required to do so.

This presentation will show you:

  • The danger of doing things the way you have always done them
  • Just how easily you can change your outcomes
  • How to create a strategy for better results
  • Identifying the distinctions, the little things that will make a big difference
  • The value and importance of being different.

Interested in having this session at your next conference or meeting? 

Do You Know Who You Are Talking To?

Duration: 45 minute keynote or 1/2 day interactive workshop

The Golden Rule says “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” The problem is; that does not work in a sales situation.
A talkative, outgoing salesperson may actually put off a reserved, quiet client if he were to treat the client that same way as he wanted to be treated.

The best results are obtained when the salesperson treats a client according to the Platinum rule which says; “Do unto others as they would be done unto”
Treating others the way they want to be treated is better than treating them the way you want to be treated.

But in order to do this you need to know how others want to be treated and people are all different. How can you make sure that you treat them the way they want?

This interactive session; “Do you know who you are talking to?” will teach your people just that.

This session is for a general audience where members have a need to communicate effectively with others and can be a 45 keynote or a 1/2 day interactive workshop. Excellent for teamwork and salespeople.

When delivered as a 1/2 day workshop participants will complete an instrument which will help them to understand their own style and that of others.

Your people will learn how to:

  • Recognise the four different personality types
  • See how each normally behave in normal situations
  • The way that these people behave in a buying situation
  • Understand their own style and contribution to the selling interaction
  • How to adjust your own behaviour for success.

Your people will understand their own personality better and how it impacts on others. They will appreciate the necessity of all types and their merits in the work situation and they will receive a personal assessment of their own personality and a Sales Qube.

A most enlightening entertaining and educational session.

How to Overcome Objections Every time

Duration: 45 minute keynote or 1/2 day interactive workshop

All objections can be overcome by clarification and negotiation.

This does not mean dropping your price. In fact, reducing your price is the lazy way and just validates your prospects’ concern about your product or service. Learn a powerful formula that will overcome all objections.

Ideal Audience: Salespeople. Particularly those who seem to have difficulty with objections.

Main Points:

  • There are only 4 types of objections
  • The REMOVE formula will specify, identify and overcome all objections
  • The importance of doing and saying the right thing at the right time
  • We currently use scripts. Are yours designed to achieve the right result?
  • How to create magic effects

Duration 45 minute keynote or 1/2-day workshop

Your people will understand the fundamental nature of all objections and witness a strategy that will increase their closing ratio through the adoption of a simple strategy.


How you can use Ian

  • Master of Ceremonies – Keep your event on time and effective with Ian’s versatile deliveries.
  • Keynote address – Ian’s humour and stories make sure your message is well received and remembered.
  • Product releases – Add the impact of magic to really get the sales force excited about your new product.
  • TV/Video presentations – Comfortable with the camera, Ian’s natural style adds credibility to your video presentations.
  • Live training – Keep your participants involved with Ian’s interactive methods.