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Strattitude – A word I made up but one that could easily be the most important word in your business

Strattitude – What Is It?

Well, it’s actually a combination of the words Strategy (knowing what to do) and Attitude (wanting to do it). You see, if you know what to do but you don’t want to do it you won’t do it. And if you want to do it but don’t know how to do it you won’t do it either.

It’s no good razzing people up if you don’t point them in the right direction. A bit like blowing up a balloon and then letting it go. The balloon will whiz all over the place knocking things over and all you are left with is a scene of devastation for which you are responsible. Don’t motivate and idiot because all you are left with is a motivated idiot. (In this context the word ‘idiot’ is used to describe someone who has no knowledge of the correct actions required to achieve a certain outcome and is not intended to cast aspersions on any individuals character).

It’s no good telling people the steps if they are not interested. If they are not listening it’s in one ear and out the other. Attitude is what is required here. They have to want to learn. How do you get them wanting to learn? It requires an environment that involves challenge, education, entertainment, repetition and fun. That’s how it’s done and Ian is a past master at this art form.

Stratittude can be expressed as a simple formula: R = (AxS) where R = Results, A = Attitude and S = Strategy
Note that the factors are multiplicands in the formula. Stratitude can be expressed as a number from -25 to 25. A range of 50 points!

If the A is non-existent (0) (or worse, negative) and the Strategy is clearly defined (5) the Results will be 0 (0 x 5 = 0)

If the Strategy is non-existent (0) and the Attitude is high (5) the results will also be 0

But if both are high (5) the results will be 25

If you are not getting the results you think are possible then you need to call in a Stratittudalist. There is only one Stratittudalist in Australia!

Ian Harvey is that man (he knows he is the only one because Strattitude is a word he made up and has not licenced anyone else to be a Strattitudalist). That is, he is the guy who will not only motivate you or your people to want to do something but will also provide the steps, the how to, to achieve what it is that you now want to do.

Have a look around this web site and you will see a number of things (keynotes, Books, various other items) that can improve the strattitude of your people.